Avenged Sevenfold Will Skip Grammys To Protest How Rock Genre Is Treated

Even though Avenged Sevenfold is nominated in the "Best Rock Song" category for "The Stage" at the Grammys this Sunday, they have no plans to attend as a form of protest about how rock is treated by the organization. 

The Southern-Cali rockers are going up against Metallica's "Atlas, Rise!", K.Flay's "Blood In The Cut", Nothing More's "Go To War" and Foo Fighters"Run" for "Best Rock Song." 

The group won't be attending because no rock categories are  being televised this year. When asked by a fan on Twitter how they felt about the nomination, they responded, "Honored. Unfortunately, they have taken 'Best Rock Song' off the telecast this year so we won't be attending. Maybe next time." 

This isn't the first time frontman M. Shadows has been vocal about his distaste for the Grammy not televising the rock categories. In a 2017 radio interview (via Blabbermouth) he made it very clear how he felt about the organization. 

"My whole thing was that metal… if you're getting the 'metal' award, they don't actually televise it, so no one sees it — it doesn't move the needle at all. And I think that's what the Grammys have to get that right.

"When you look at metal, it's probably one of the healthiest genres when you look at it in a worldwide perspective — every single country listens to metal," he continued. "And whether it's mainstream or not, it's irrelevant. People will watch your program if you're giving awards to bands that deserve it and it's actually on TV, and it helps those bands push the needle forward."

He added: "And I think that's the whole point — you wanna get nominated for a Grammy and you wanna get noticed by people and seen on TV. It helps everybody when the bands can get bigger. So the 'metal' award still is a problem because literally no one's gonna see those bands or know that they're nominated, and that's an issue. I think it needs to be on TV."

"If I ran the Grammys, it would probably go bankrupt."

The Grammys go down this Sunday, January 28th. 

Photo Credit: Getty