Metallica Are Planning To Launch Their Own Whiskey Brand

A business partner of Metallica revealed the Thrash legends are planning to launch their own brand of whiskey that will be made in their own distillery. Turns out their cover of the classic Irish drinking song "Whiskey In The Jar" wasn't just talk.  

While on the podcast The Whiskeycast,  Dave Pickerell, former master distiller with Maker’s Mark, broke the news that Metallica is considering three different locations for their Whiskey business. 

“I can just say that we’re going to make a killer whiskey product, and probably build a little distillery someplace as well…putting all the logistics together and crashing just as hard as we can,” he said. 

“San Fransisco, the home of Metallica, Louisville, the home of bourbon, and Nashville, the home of music … one of those three seems to make sense,” Pickerell explained. “I”m voting for San Fransisco and the Bay Area, if nothing falls apart.”

This isn't Metallica's first time entering the booze game. The band teamed up with Budweiser for a branded edition of the beer in 2015. While Motorhead and The Rolling Stones have launched their own Whiskey brands with distilleries, Metallica is breaking new grounds by owning the production of their liquor. 

You can listen to the full episode of The Whiskeycast here

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