Watch Muse's Crushing "Psycho" Performance From Upcoming Concert Film


Muse will screen its upcoming Drones World Tour concert film in theaters for one night only this Thursday, July 12.

In lieu of yet another theatrical trailer, the band has released video of a performance of their song "Psycho" from the band's 2015 Drones album. 

Footage from the performance depicts everything Muse fans have come to love about the group, from the unique light show, to the conceptual elements displayed on the arena's video screen to the stampeding track itself.

The cinematography does the song justice as well. The cameras shake at the impact of Dominic Howard's kick drum thumps, and it appears the arena is itself rocking as the directors cut in dizzying footage of fans jumping with the backbeat. 

Frontman Matt Bellamy's vocals are on point in all registers as usual, and the singer's guitar work soars above the tank-like rumble from Chris Wolstenholme's bass. 

Drones World Tour was filmed during multiple dates during the band's 2016 world tour. In addition to the live set, the film also features never-before-seen special effects and the band explaining the concept behind the album and the tour. 

"The Drones show reflects the mood and story of the album," Bellamy said in a statement. "We played for the first time in the round and wanted a show that was stark and spectacular featuring cutting-edge autonomous drone technology."

Look for tickets to a Drones World Tour screening here

As fans await a wider release of the live album, Muse is also working on its still-untitled follow-up to Drones — what will be the band's eighth studio album.

Photo: Getty Images

Watch Muse's Crushing "Psycho" Performance From Upcoming Concert Film


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