X Ambassadors Celebrate 5-Year Anniversary Of Debut Album 'VHS'

X Ambassadors released their debut studio album, VHS, on June 30, 2015, and saw immediate success with not only the album but many of its singles like “Renegades,” “Jungle,” and “Unsteady.”

On Tuesday (June 30), lead singer Sam Harris took to social media to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the album with a special note to fans who have been along for the ride.

“Our debut album VHS came out 5 years ago this week. Wowowow. To say that the time has "flown by” would be like… I mean, it’s more like time got on the f***in Hyperloop and basically teleported our a**es here today,” Harris wrote. 

Harris also opened up about the recording process of the album, which basically took place everywhere except a recording studio. “VHS was mostly recorded in our van, backstage in venues, hotel rooms, other people’s kitchens,” Harris wrote. “ It was scrappy, perfectly imperfect, and a true testament to all those years we’d spent together in a stinky van travelling around the country.”

Along with the note, Harris used footage of the band's song “Unsteady” and opened up about how much it means to him that so many people know the words and love the track. This song in particular... it gives me the chills watching this footage of all of you singing it back to us,” he wrote. To have such a personal song and album travel as far as it has, to know how it’s affected all of you as much as it’s affected us… it’s all just a little overwhelming, tbh.”

You can read his full note here.

Photo: Getty Images