Robin Zander Says Cheap Trick Will Never Stop Writing Music Like KISS Did

Most legacy artists feel some obligation to play the hits for their fans, but for Cheap Trick that responsibility has never intruded on the band's creative process. And according to frontman Robin Zander, it never will.

While Kiss frontman Paul Stanley recently made headlines proclaiming that Kiss had no incentive to make new music before its impending retirement, Cheap Trick is poised to release its 20th studio album, In Another World, this Friday, April 9.

The forthcoming album is also the band's fourth new LP in five years. Zander tells the Jeremy White Podcast that constant creation is what's kept the band together.

“I think if we stopped making records and writing songs, we’d probably quit," Zander said. "That’s the point, that’s the way we look at it. Paul, he’d just rest on his laurels and go out there and play and cash in. I just don’t feel that way that’s all.” 

Music and writing songs is a personal thing for the band. Zander added that Cheap Trick has never made albums "for fans," per se. Fans made the band successful, but the motive for the music has been for the band members' own enjoyment.

"I like a record that makes you feel like you want to get in the car and drive," he added.

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Zander's longtime bandmates Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson echoed his sentiments in an interview with Q104.3's QN'A last year. Nielsen and Petersson said that the band members deeply enjoy the process of collaborating; when they make something they like, they want to share it.

"It’s good because it’s not just one artist making every decision," Petersson said. "There’s four people in there. We’re not arguing about it, [we] just want to make it better."

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