Frank Iero's Son Found A Creepy Photo Keychain In The Closet: See The Pic

Frank Iero's son Miles may have just opened up a can of ghostly worms for the family. On Wednesday (April 21), the My Chemical Romance guitarist shared a post on Instagram claiming his house is now haunted. And honestly, he might be right.

"Today before starting school Miles went into a downstairs closet we barely ever use and found this photo keychain. Neither Jamia [his wife] or i had ever seen it before now..." he wrote alongside two images: one of the keychain, and one of the creepy photo inside. "So without any further adieu, i’d like to introduce you to the very nice ghost couple who will most definitely be haunting us from here on out."


See the unsettling post below.

Iero's been making good use out of his social media since the pandemic hit, and he'll have even more time to entertain us with his personal shenanigans because last week MCR announced they were pushing back their highly anticipated reunion tour to 2022.

Before the announcement was made, Iero reflected on the tour being delayed from its original 2020 schedule.

​"It’s such a weird experience to be like, ​‘Hey, alright, all of this stuff that we’ve been working towards and these well-made plans,’ and all of a sudden it’s like, ​‘Ah, hurry up and wait.’ But it happens…" he said at the time.

See the new list of tour dates here.

Photo: Getty Images