Crashed Saucer-Shaped UFO Photographed By NASA On Mars

Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU,

With two rovers rolling their way across Mars, NASA is capturing plenty of astounding images from the Red Planet, but it isn't just rocks and dust that are showing up in the pictures that the space agency shares. Among the photos are some strange items like odd carvings, an "alien boot," a mysterious doorway, a "lightsaber," metallic wreckage, "alien arms," a flying UFO, an "alien" statue, and even what looks like an actual alien. And now, you can add a crashed saucer-shaped craft to that list.

Scott Waring, who runs, was the first to find the image among the many released by NASA. It came from the Mars Perseverance rover and shows what Waring believes is a "ten-meter" "perfect circle" disc that crashed into the surface of Mars, getting wedged sideways into the ground at the top of a hill. He shared his findings in a video, pointing out the difference in shape and color of the disc.

In the video, Scott also shows what he thinks is "a human-like sculpture carved into a large stone" nearby.

It isn't the first time he discovered what looks like a crashed craft on Mars either. Previously, he noticed what looks like the wreckage of a space ship on the Red Planet. You can see more at and check out the original image released by NASA on their Perseverance Rover site.