Jon Bon Jovi Reveals The 'Only Thing That Gets Him Out Of Bed' These Days

Photo: Getty Images

Bon Jovi kicked off four decades of incredible music on Friday (June 7) in the most epic way possible: an iHeartRadio album release party!

In addition to celebrating their 40-year legacy with brand new album Forever, presented by Hulu, the band sat down with iHeartRadio's Valentine to discuss the evolution of their career, what went in to creating the new record, and more!

In reference to how far the standouts have come as a band, ,lead singer Jon Bon Jovi revealed that he never thought they'd make it to this point, let alone past the year 2000.

"No. I think the only thing I ever thought about in my youth when we started out was the year 2000. Because for some reason it was that big number you know the rest of us were wondering what would happen. I thought 'I'll be 38. Maybe i'll be married. Maybe i'll have kids. Maybe i'll be making records. But I never thought past the year 2000. So, to be here now at 40..."

The "Always" standout shouted out The Rolling Stones, who have been touring for over 60 years, applauding them for making that the "norm now."

"You know what 40 years isn't a big deal...we're young," he joked.

The artist credited much of the evolution of Bon Jovi's albums to "growing up in public."

"I think that we grew up in public. I mean there's a huge different between the first album and this, my 18th album. We grew up in public and we took folks on a journey that started once upon a time when I was 21 years old with 'Runaway.' Some people got on the train at the very beginning...," he continued, relaying that some fans had the records on repeat throughout the years, while others took a break during certain Bon Jovi eras.

"That's the whole beauty of a 40 year career, people get on and off the train." In contrast to album 2020, released four years ago, Jon revealed that this record exudes pure joy and rock n' roll.

"There's joy and the prospect of joy again and I can see it. And I can taste it. And there's a feeling among the guys in the band that they were there for me. They were there for not only 40 years, but during this struggle," he shared in reference to a recent throat surgery, noting that creating the album was "hard work" for everyone involved.

Speaking of enjoying the journey amid relentless work, the rockstar explained that he's spent too much time in his life always looking ahead and never looking back. The new perspective he's testing out has allowed him to hone in on the "most important things in the world:" the little things. Jon proceeded to reveal a list of the only things that "get him out of bed" these days.

"Really what matters to me anymore in this's not accomplishment, it's the little things. Friends that stand up for me. My wife, my kids, my band, my friends, and the rest of it is just high school with money. It's just nonsense and I left that a long time ago."

People tuning into the album release party were given the opportunity to listen to a few singles from the band's new record including storytelling anthem, "Legendary," "Living Proof," (which brings back the infamous "talk box" present in "Livin' On a Prayer") "Walls of Jericho," iconic throwback "Dead or Alive," and more.

Jon encouraged fans to listen to the album and decide which specific song resonates with them as each have a different "flavor and point of view" that unite one message.

Listen Bon Jovi's 40th anniversary album, Forever, in its entirety on iHeartRadio now!