Nikki Sixx's pick for this week comes from Las Vegas art-rock band Palaye Royale and their song "Get Higher." If you like what you hear, be sure to tweet and share this article with the hashtag #SupportNewMusic.  

Here is Nikki's recommendation: 

The band were going to be playing you is Palaye Royale. Their album is called Boom Boom Room. They are a trio, they call themselves art-rock cuz they say they're all about the show, I'm going to say they're more than that. They're also about the music. They have great songs - the song I'm going to play you is called "Get Higher," I believe in this song. We're going to be playing it alot for you guys and if you love it do what I'm doing. Turn your friends on to it, tweet it, share it.    

Check out more music from Palaye Royale below: